3 Practices for Online Course Design: Udemy Guest Post

In January I launched my first (signalling my confidence that it won't be my last) online course. Negotiations: Problems Solved, Not Battles Fought currently has 12 early adopter students enrolled and I'm looking forward to their thoughts as they complete the material.

Many of my colleagues have asked me how I did the design. Udemy.com, the online learning platform hosting my course, offered me the opportunity to share my process with all their readers. Here is the link to the guest post (including a 15% discount to the course): Online Course Design: 3 Practices For Beginner And Experienced Online Instructors.

I've also promised a post on the technical details and I'll share that here soon.

Have you taken an online course yet? Did you see effective consideration of the human, technical, and organizational issues in its design?

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