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The admonition "don't do math in public" clearly doesn't apply to modern R&D. While the Lockheed Skunkworks and Apple are known for their secrecy, many organizations now open up their process so that we can all participate. This is more than "open innovation." This is public, interactive, innovation. IDEO, Google, PARC, Yahoo!

Success and Failure of TOP Management in Hurricane Katrina: Part 2

katrina TOP (tech, org, people) Management isn't just about action.  It's also about being able to do effective analysis.  It's the ability to avoid the problem of having only a hammer ...and so seeing all issues as nails.  It's also the ability

Can We Increase the Pace of Organizational Change?

Success and Failure of TOP Management in Hurricane Katrina: Part 1

Recent disasters have provided amazing examples of almost instantaneous design and implementation of informal technical systems and emergent organizations. Calvert Jones and Sarai Mitnick chronicle some of the actions taken for the South East Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.

TOP Management Can Result in Nice French House

Loic Le Meur is the founder and CEO of Seesmic: a firm providing web and desktop applications for participating in social media like Twitter, Facebook, and video conversation. I had the pleasure of attending his May presentation to the the Bay Area CIO IT Executives Meetup Group. During the Q&A (46:45 in the video) he related a story of how he came to his strong rule of not criticizing his competition.

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