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Are Professional Tennis and the NFL Making a TOP Management Failure?

In the last couple of days both the NFL and professional tennis governing bodies have made proclamations regarding how their players and officials (and families, etc.) will, and will not, use social media.

TOP Management Failure: First Organizational Example

TOP Management highlights that Technology, Organizations, People need to be considered in concert for success. Miss any one of the three dimensions, and you risk failure. This next series of posts will highlight mistakes. I suspect that you have a few of your own. I'd appreciate your examples in the comments below. The more we can illustrate the risks, the more likely are people to make the effort required for success. I'm going to start with an organizational failure.

Living in my Browser

I don't generally make futurist-style statements, but the last two days are begging for one: A big piece of Web 3.0 is going to be the transition from "Live in your In-Box" to "Live in your Browser." The quote "I live in my in-box" came from a participant in a workshop I co-presented with Scott Schnaars of Socialtext.

Technology, Organizations, and People -- Let's Take it from the TOP

I've been talking about TOP Management for a while (here, here & here), but I've yet to devote a post to defining the importance and boundaries of this concept. TOP Management includes:
  • Technology: Applications, network infrastructures, and ev

Marissa Mayer (VP Google) on Innovation at Google

I can't say there was standing room only at Marissa Mayer's (VP of Search Products & User Experience) PARC Forum talk "Innovation at Google: The Physics of Data" -- because the fire code for the auditorium doesn't allow standing. They did bring in extra chairs and let the rest watch via TV in the lobby. So many reasons for the talk to be popular: Google, Innovation at Google, Big Data issues, Marissa's presentation style (engaging, you feel like your getting a secret tour).

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