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Living in my Browser

I don't generally make futurist-style statements, but the last two days are begging for one: A big piece of Web 3.0 is going to be the transition from "Live in your In-Box" to "Live in your Browser." The quote "I live in my in-box" came from a participant in a workshop I co-presented with Scott Schnaars of Socialtext.

Technology, Organizations, and People -- Let's Take it from the TOP

I've been talking about TOP Management for a while (here, here & here), but I've yet to devote a post to defining the importance and boundaries of this concept. TOP Management includes:
  • Technology: Applications, network infrastructures, and ev

Marissa Mayer (VP Google) on Innovation at Google

I can't say there was standing room only at Marissa Mayer's (VP of Search Products & User Experience) PARC Forum talk "Innovation at Google: The Physics of Data" -- because the fire code for the auditorium doesn't allow standing. They did bring in extra chairs and let the rest watch via TV in the lobby. So many reasons for the talk to be popular: Google, Innovation at Google, Big Data issues, Marissa's presentation style (engaging, you feel like your getting a secret tour).

I'm Supposed to be on a Plane: Systems Savvy Breakdown

4 a.m. alarm, taxi to San Jose Airport at 4:45, 5 a.m. check-in announcement that we're not on the flight leaving to Dallas. "Do you have any documentation?" No, since it was international, the system wouldn't let us check-in in advance. Of course I have the flight number, it's on my phone ----- for a flight out of San Francisco (45 minutes by car for the 6 a.m.

Thinking With Our Friends

A few weeks ago I ran across this IdeasProject video of Seesmic CEO Loic Le Meur. He opens with descriptions of how sharing changes everything -- sharing versus protecting your ideas. Good points, but he really hooked me when he talked about the value of sharing ideas with social media friends, and how this gives you instant access to their thinking:
It has already changed the way I think.

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